Pokemon Vortex – What more to know?

Your ads will be inserted here byEasy Plugin for AdSense.Please go to the plugin admin page toPaste your ad code OR Suppress this ad slot. Pokemon Vortex, previously known as Pokemon Crater and usually subtitled Battle Arena, is an online game played using mouse. Aaron is the man behind the creation of this site, which received a lot of updates throughout years; it reached version 7 before getting closed at the end of the year 2007. The site got recreated again in 2009 bringing more out of Pokemon Vortex game. The basic game feature was inspired by core series, specifically the turn based battle system. Players, who registered, were eligible to use interactive maps on the site to locate and capture new species of Pokemon and those are brought by Pokemon Vortex. The major update that took place was for the fourth version in August, 2004. A map was added

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Pokemon Vortex V3: Immunity Is Creativity

Your ads will be inserted here byEasy Plugin for AdSense.Please go to the plugin admin page toPaste your ad code OR Suppress this ad slot. Pokemon Vortex V3, an ultimate choice for the battle maniacs, was developed by webmaster Aaron in 1999 that underwent numerous upgrades over a period and was finally launched as fine tuned product in 2009 crowned as version 7. Pokemon Vortex is a friendly platform for all blood veterans; here the registered players can utilize the interactive maps to complete their mission. The advance updates enable the player to capture the Pokemon species and tackle the trainers in a more natural and sophisticated manner. The biggest leap in the site was realized with the update in 2004; here the players were able to fight with opponents around them and could navigate the newer maps. Until version 4, the mission of the trainer was to defeat only

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Pokemon Vortex V3

Pokemon Vortex Cheats to Win More Money

Pokemon Vortex, which is also subtitled as the battle arena, is one of the most popular online Pokemon games. The fundamentals of the game are based on the main features of core series. Registered users are allowed to use the interactive maps to capture new Pokemon species, and fight against the trainer. Pokemon Vortex can be played to earn good money with the help of some of the cheats. With five simple and easy steps, we can earn 1-million Pokemon money in just 1 hour. Firstly, download an add-on for your browser; the name of the add-on is IMARCOS (we have tested with internet explorer, Firefox, chrome web browsers). After downloading, we come across the second step, which is restarting the browser so that add-ons are successfully installed and ready to use now. The third step is to go to Pokemon Vortex and login to your registered account and select

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Tips to Get Legendaries in Pokemon Vortex

Legendary Pokemon is an incredibly rare group of extremely powerful Pokemons. In the Pokemon vortex game, once you have defeated all the gym leaders, champions, elite 4’s, the Battle Maison and the Hoenn/Sinnoh frontiers, the Legendary Pokemon appears on the maps randomly. However, it won’t be including Sidequests or Events. A subset of these featured Legendary Pokemon also exists and is known as mythical Pokemon. These are some of the Legendary Pokemons: Legendary birds, Legendary beasts, Legendary golems, Sea guardians, Victini, Swords of Justice, Forces of Nature, Genesect, Mortality Duo and many more. These pokemons (legendary pokemons) do not guarantee victory at all. Rather, if at all you use these pokemons, it is implicit that you are looking for a simple yet quick and easy win against your competitor. In Pokemon, there is nothing, which is simple and victory comes to people who are willing to endure long and gruelling

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How to Play Pokémon Vortex?

For those who love to play different kinds of games and want to play new games, the platform is here. Pokémon vortex is one of the addictive games which a gamer comes across. This battle arena is online gaming platform where you can catch your own online Pokémon, battle with them, trade them, and interact with other trainers. Here’s a brief look into Pokémon Vortex. The basic thing you require to play this game is very simple. You need to sign up on the Pokémon Vortex website so that you can play that game; the next thing is to choose a starter Pokémon. The game is not just about selecting Pokémon, but after that you must travel from the map, which is provided. Then, if you see any of the other Pokémon characters you must fight and then capture it; after that you need to do the same as map

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pokemon vortex

Pokemon Vortex: The Inside Story

In our previous articles, we’ve talked a lot about pokemon vortex and in this post, we are going to break the fences and discuss what’s beyond it. Pokemon Vortex is one of the most famous online games played globally. Within a very short span of time, it has become the favorite of millions of battle veterans. It was developed by Webmaster Aaron and launched in 1999. The battle arena underwent multiple updates and was finally crowned as version 7 in 2009. The Pokemon Vortex interface is so interactive that as you capture, battle, chat or trade with the other trainers you encounter in the game, you feel the real heat of the Pokemon world. The world of Pokemon Vortex is packed with such reality environment that you will be having the feel of real scenario of battle field and the terror of war. The creative team has also put immense

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