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Pokemon vortex and What You Should know

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Pokemon vortex, initially referred to as Pokémon crater, was available online although unofficially. All it required for someone to play was a mouse. A webmaster known as Aaron created the site back in 1999 which underwent a series of updates over the years leading to it achieving version 7.However,it came to be closed later in the year 2007.lt was later recreated in 2009 as Pokemon vortex.

The game’s basics were usually based on key features from the core series, especially the battle system Players who were registered used some interactive maps on the site to seek and capture various Pokémon species alternatively, and the players would choose to fight against Trainers who were computer controlled.

101Version 4 upgrade has proven to be an important update towards the site improvement. This was in August 2004.The players now were able to walk around the maps and fight other members in their way this was an adventurous feature although the actual opponent was still computer controlled for some time. Note that before this version was installed, each Trainer would use just one Pokémon at a time in their battles. However, up to and including the latest version, the main aim of the battles was beating a team composed of six Pokémon. This happened without the use of switches except when one faints. 1 Feature

The battle arena’s main aim was being included in the Top Trainer’s list. This was no easy task as this showed the player was among the top 150 To achieve this you had to have many Pokémon all coming from level 100.However, other factors like number of won battles also helped in achieving the fete. Later in other versions added, the main aim was completing the classic Pokedex. This was a hard task as it only considered the currently owned Pokémon unlike previously. Also, separate forms were considered to be separate Pokémon. These forms included the 28 Unsown, three cloaks from Burmy and Wordaman and other four classes which were unique species. Initially before the new aim came into being, Pokedex listed the four moves known to each species. Later, the freedom to change the moves was included at a cost varying between Pokémon. The type of move was highly linked to the damage created on the Pokémon.

102Once in the game you could choose to use money in buying items from the three categories. These include healing items used to restore HP, although they were limited as the Pokémon would regain its health after battles. Then there was Pokemon vortex Balls which were four: Poke, Great, Super and Master. The Master was more effective than the Super Ball At towards, players were free to buy more than one while in other variations of the game, you could still be able to catch wild Pokémon when their health dropped to as low as zero. Lastly, there were evolutionary stones. Evolution could either be ignited by a player or by the fulfillment of evolution standards regarding the Pokémon. The ones that evolved due to a certain level could be effective at the same level or would carry on to another level while those from evolution stone required a necessary stone from the inventory of the player which would be removed immediately afterwards.