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This was a Dragon or Ice Pokémon also referred to as Dratinice. Drat nice originated from Aaron’s girlfriend as well as the administrator of Pokémon Crater which he used as a username evolved starting from level 100 into the DragonlFire Pokémon Dratinire. Another Pokémon known as Dactylic was then added and the three commonly referred to as “legendary Dratinis” which had no relationship through evolution became unique creatures from each other From Pokemon vortex store are remakes of fans Celebi, Mewtwo and Darkrai.

202The Celeb also referred to as Eternal Celebi contains more details.The Mewtwo just contains an armor while the Darkrai contains a spiker collar also known as Darkrown.Over time, other classes were added. These include; Dark Ghostly, Shiny and Metallic Pokémon. They each had unique features. The Dark Pokémon has strong attacking power. The Metallic Pokémon is immune to status condition. The Ghostly Pokémon has the ability of inching an opponent after attack. The Shiny Pokémon contains more HP. Later, following some revival, Ghostly and Metallic Pokémon were removed and in came Mystic Pokémon which has the ability of scaring an opponent and Ancient Pokémon which has defense improvement by 25%. 3.Battles Battles in Wild Pokemon vortex were ignited by seeking one from the maps. Version 3 had each species located at a specific site on the map and all you had to do was click on the desired site. Version 4 later had the species in random locations which could be accessed by hitting on the direction arrows located outside the buildings Version 4 later included the option of fighting a team of various members while the opponent was computer controlled Another improvement was the inclusion of live battles where you have the liberty of challenging other players. Preset Trainers to fight against included Pokémon anime characters, Gym Leaders, the Elite Four and Unova.

201The Gym Leaders can be faced at any time or order. Winning against the Elite four (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh) allowed one to use maps that contained Legendary Pokémon. You also have a chance of fighting against three administrators and in addition double money and experience in all the battles. 4 Forums Beside the games, the site faced a lot of busy forums. People would interact, get help and other topics related to Pokémon. Therefore spam was imminent and rules were imposed and those who did not adhere to them were struck out. A private club, Althorns, was made up of those who posted correctly. However, as recruitment faded out, the club came to be closed later in June of 2007 5. Closure Unfortunately, on November 14 of 2007, a message regarding the closure of Pokermoncrater.com in a month’s time appeared on the site.lt also contained some special thanks to all its members 6. Revival This occurred on the October of 2008.The name would be changed to Pokemon vortex Battle Arena.lt was to begin from version 1 but still contain features in version 7 of Pokémon Crater It however was released to the public officially in mid 2009 and later in 2011 updated to version 1 8.Anyone now can participate online after signing up and still join the Facebook page Pokémon Vortex to associate more with the members.